Free to Believe

Jay Love

Apple Inc.: Montgomery, Alabama

Tech giant Apple Inc. ended its relationship with lobbyist Jay Love after reporters revealed Love’s previous support for natural marriage. In a February 13, 2015 article, Inside Alabama Politics (IAP) reported that Julius Kenneth Love, also known as former state Rep. Jay Love, R-Montgomery recently was listed as a lobbyist representing Apple, Inc. The local Alabama paper continued to note that former Alabaman and Apple CEO Tim Cook had publically announced he was gay only a few months earlier. IAP reported that, in an unsuccessful 2008 bid for state-wide office, Love had run a campaign commercial indicating his opposition to the recent court decision to striking California’s democratically supported referendum supporting one-man, one-woman marriage. IAP also indicated that Love, in 2009, had introduced a resolution supporting Miss America contestant Carrie Prejean’s right to stand up for her beliefs and applauding her for choosing not to give a politically correct answer, even though her answer may have cost her the crown.

Then IAP editorialized on Love’s stance, “While it isn’t unusual rhetoric from Republicans and even many Democrats running for office, especially in conservative states like Alabama, it does seem slightly unusual he was hired as a lobbyist by Apple, unless of course, Apple didn’t know of his past stance on the subject of same-sex marriage.”

Love’s contract was terminated the same day. Huffington Post reported Apple’s announcement, “‘Jay Love does not work for Apple nor does he do any lobbying on our behalf,’ said spokeswoman Kristin Huguet. She did not elaborate on why the company isn't working with him any longer.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of Yellow Hammer News