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Family Research Council (FRC) is partnering with two highly regarded non-profit legal groups to review the cases submitted to this website by people who believe that they have suffered discrimination from a federal agency based on their religious beliefs or practices. Both organizations are known nationally for the work they have done for years to protect religious liberty for all Americans—in schools, in houses of worship and religious institutions of all faiths, in the military, and throughout the public arena. We are committed to ensuring that all Americans who interact with federal agencies should fully enjoy their God-given right to religious freedom—America’s “First Freedom.”

If you believe that as a non-military federal employee, contractor, or citizen, your religious liberty rights have been threatened or violated by a federal agency, please fill out the form below and send us the relevant information so that we and our legal partners may determine how to be of assistance. Of course, each request for legal help will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Furthermore, we do not guarantee that our partners will be able to offer legal services for every matter for which we are contacted. If you are a member of the military, and feel that your religious liberty rights have been violated within the context of your service, please visit:

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PLEASE NOTE: FRC and its two partnering legal organizations will not consider the following for further assessment: criminal cases, divorce actions, child custody disputes and other matters outside the scope of religious liberty issues. In some instances, even if there is a religious liberty issue implicated, FRC and its two partnering legal organizations may not be able provide further consideration due to unforeseeable legal issues or due to limited resources and/or our lack of capacity to take on new matters at any given time. No referrals for general legal action will be provided.

I intend this communication to be confidential and understand that FRC and its two partnering legal organizations will treat all information supplied on this form as confidential. By submitting this form, I agree that I have not entered into an attorney client relationship with FRC and its two partnering legal organizations, that none of these organizations represent me in any capacity, and that no representations have been made to me indicating that either FRC or its two partnering legal organizations will undertake legal representation of any party in the matter described. I understand that information provided by me may be shared with the legal staff at FRC and its two partnering legal organizations as well as with its volunteer attorneys to evaluate a potential claim. Finally, if either of FRC’s two partnering legal organizations in their sole discretion, agrees to undertake legal representation on this matter, that agreement will be set forth in a separate written document.

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