Free to Believe


Freedom. It caused pilgrims to uproot and endure dangerous passage to the wild and unsettled land that was America. The promise of freedom from fear of government punishment or loss of livelihood is a hallmark of our nation. It's enshrined in the U.S. Constitution as our first freedom, and it's what makes America great. The stories presented here reveal what happens when that freedom is revoked.

To Believe

When Americans believe something, they back it up with their actions. Our core beliefs define who we are, and how we live. The freedom to believe and live according to those beliefs is the foundation for a civil society where people of differing beliefs can live and work together with mutual respect. These stories show what it means -- and what it costs -- to live out what you believe.


Religious Hostility Report

Read Family Research Council's 2017 report on religious hostility cases 

Speak Up

If you are an individual who believes that your religious beliefs or your ability to reasonably act on those beliefs have been unlawfully restricted by a federal agency, please click the tab provided here. The webpage below will provide you with an online submission form that provides the opportunity for you to have the facts of your situation reviewed by an attorney. Go to